Karin was raised in Älvsbyn, a small community in the north of Sweden. She has always had the music within her. During her childhood she was influenced by the music of movies and TV-shows and affection for grand and spectacular music was born. Her background playing classical piano along with writing pop music, has allowed her to create her own sound and musical expression.

At 2002 she was accepted to the Department of Music and Media in Piteå at the Luleå University of Technology. For four years she studied composition, orchestration and conducting and in 2008 she was rewarded the degree of Bachelor Of Fine Arts With A Major In Music Composition. Her fith and final year she studied music production and surround sound at the Linneaus University of Växjö (Sweden).

While studying at the Department of Music and Media in Piteå, Karin started to write songs and since 2003 she has performed on various locations in Sweden ranging from Piteå in the very north to Växjö in the south.

In 2007 she moved to Växjö city. She has played in various festivals and performed live on Swedish and German Radio. In 2012 she was touring two times in Germany with the German artist Tommy Finke. By crowdfunding they managed to get so much backing from their fans that they topped the list on the Start Next as the most successful project in percentage.

Karin Åberg takes us on a journey with the sole ambition to move and touch us emotionally. Her lyrics are honest and genuine and with her music carefully combined. She has the ability to affect through her expression in her music and she has the key to find that little extra touch that holds the desired feeling and from that very essence create an unique sound. Karin posesses a quality to make songs that connect with people.

aBOUT karin´s MUSIC

"Music has always been a part of me. It is a way to express your feelings and also make it into something that is almost physical. You can speak without the need of words. And you are able to share with other people. Connecting.

I have always had the need to express myself. At the age of six I started writing diary and part of times I wrote every day. Later I began writing lyrics instead, which I consider similar.

I believe that true happiness and satisfaction comes from being the one you are and following your heart. This is what I want to do. Communicate and affect through music".


/Karin Åberg